For almost everyone interested in facial rejuvenation, the eyelids are usually the start, and a great way to get a good bang for your buck. Big bags under the eyes, droopy upper eyelid skin, wrinkly lower eyelid skin can easily be fixed with cosmetic surgery of the eyelid. But a lot of people avoid it because they’ve seen some freaky looking results and are afraid. 

What are the most common fears people have with eyelid surgery?

1. The upper eyelids look freaky. Excessively hollow, or “moon shaped”.

2. The lower eyelid looks too tight and “pulled down”

3. The wrinkles are still there.

4. For Asians, a double eyelid procedure may not work or look unnatural

Asian Upper Eyelid Procedure

Creating a successful Asian upper eyelid fold is like a specialty within a specialty. Not all cosmetic surgeons can tackle this. They probably don’t want to, because it is much more technical than the standard aging eyelid procedure. Eyelid anatomy is only tissue paper thin and miscalculations can be costly. Technique and experience is EVERYTHING !  And yes, sometimes more than one procedure may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

I don’t believe “stitch only” procedures offer lasting results.  Instead, the full incision procedure is recommended, and allows the doctor to remove unwanted fat as well.

Plotting the incision cannot be learned from a book. Only experience and clarity of the anatomy and endpoint can give you a great result. 

When the procedure is performed optimally:  

The eyes fold evenly and deeply, 

The fold is long and parallel, 

and is natural, not puffy or hollow.  

The eyes open wider and look kinda sexy!!!

I believe the results I obtain are unique and is one of my signature procedures, like subfascial breast augmentation. Take a look at the photo gallery and see if this is what you had in mind.


If you have bags under your eyes, but the eyelid skin looks good without wrinkles, then a “TRANSCONJUNCTIVAL LOWER BLEPHAROPLASTY” is enough.

The incision is inside the eyelid. No scar, no stitches. Little down time.  
The skin is the same as before surgery. Only the fat bag is gone.
The fat removed from the lower eyelid can be injected into the cheeks as well.  

Check out the photo galley and you’ll agree for most people this all that is needed.

For maximal eyelid rejuvenation, upper or lower eyelids, there is 

This means cutting a little extra skin from the upper or lower lids.  

When this is performed optimally, the results should:

Look natural and pleasing, sexy even. Not excessively hollow (from cutting away too much tissue underneath) You should look younger, not different.

The sides should not droop or hang. (incision has to be anatomically correct).

There should be no functional problem. The eyelid position is normal, and the eyes close normally.

I prefer a modest, conservative philosophy for eyelid surgery. See if you agree in the Photo Gallery