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Loved every aspect of my surgery. Thanks! (AL)

I would come all the way from San Francisco just for Dr. Oyama

My experience with Dr. Oyama and Heagan Yu was wonderful.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Oyama. (KS)

I am very happy what I had done with Dr. Oyama. I will come back whenever I need to get done. (Y)

I have been very happy with everything I have had done. (AN)

I am perfectly happy. (GB)

Dr. Oyama and Heagan are awesome!  Thank you. 


Beautiful results. Great hospitality!

Great doctor.  Honest and upfront, very knowledgeable, great experience.  Have been seeing Dr. Oyama for quite a number of years now. Heagan is always pleasant and thorough! (MV)

I'm a bit high maintenance and research everything. I'm very satisfied with the results. (TH)

My experience was awsome I would do it again if I could. (JS)

Dr. Oyama is amazing.  I was afraid of surgery at first but Dr. Oyama and Heagan really helped me to feel comfortable through my entire surgery process and I am very happy with my results.  I am very thankful to them both.

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