Known for advanced surgical techniques such as Subfascial "Goldilocks Breast Augmentation",  Composite Augmentation Rhinoplasty, and Asian upper eyelid procedures.  

Honor the patient's right to expect honesty and minimally traumatic surgical techniques that delivers the highest level of quality, consistently. Cosmetic Surgery should harmoniously blend within the anatomy,  rather than irreversibly desecrating or mutilating the body.  Don't burn any bridges.  This is true for breast augmentation, facelift, nose, even eyelid.  

                    Results that TRANSCEND the status quo.

Amazingly soft, natural breasts with great teardrop shape and cleavage.

Eyelids that "sparkle" and flatter the face, ageless, without looking "done"

Noses that appear to be not operated on at all,  that "hit all the right notes" for the look you want.

Botox from your own new bottle;  that works each time every time.  No frozen faces here. 


Dear Friends,

     After 25 exciting years of practice, I have decided to close my office.  I am retiring and no longer practicing cosmetic surgery. 

     If you feel you need to find another plastic surgeon, please go to the physician locator at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery website, or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

     Thank you for your support, your trust in my work, and allowing me the privilege of a deeply rewarding and spiritually enlightening career.

     I wish you all of God's Blessings, good health, success and good fortune.  


Dr. Mark Oyama