My perception is that liposuction is the most misunderstood of all cosmetic surgical procedures. Seems like patients have misconceptions about what liposuction can achieve and the results. Also seems like some cosmetic surgeons or plastic surgeons have a misconception about performing it. The industry has experienced some absolutely horrific complications from liposuction, which were completely avoidable if good judgment and good technique are followed.

Liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss and exercise. It cannot change your underlying body shape, or make you "skinny".  Lax and distended abdominal muscles or predominantly intraabdominal visceral fat is a contraindication for liposuction.

Liposuction is best for localized areas in an otherwise healthy person.

Liposuction is not dangerous. Patients do not die from liposuction. They die because of poor medical judgment and flawed, careless technique of the surgeon.  

By the way, liposuction was pioneered in France by a gynecologist, introduced into the United States by Cosmetic surgeons trained in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck surgery, and refined with tumescent solution by a Dermatologist. Still, plastic surgeons try to impose some kind of monopoly on the procedure when none exists.

LASERS AND OTHER DEVICES CANNOT REPLACE SKILL IN LIPOSUCTION. Liposuction requires an artistically inclined surgeon who is willing to take the time to sculpt an area by slowly AND EVENLY removing fat through a small hole in a cannula. Lasers and other devices are a dangerous marketing gimmick, and can produce severe, full thickness burns.

FAT TRANSPLANTATION WORKS! And yes, when successfully done, is permanent.  I have been performing fat grafting alone and with facelifts for over ten years. I’ve seen patients’ fat grafting actually grow with time and weight gain. I use fat grafting rather than synthetic injectable fillers, which can be costly depending on the amount of syringes you buy. It works, is permanent, and the most cost effective.

Claims regarding “stem cell” rejuvenation with fat transfer is not supported with any hard scientific data. At the current time, stem cell manipulation is a research laboratory tool.  

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